1. How do I look after my irønskinn protective dive suit?

    irønskinn protective dive suits need to be cared for like a normal wet suit. They should be rinsed in fresh water after each dive and dried away from direct sunlight.  irønskinn protective dive suits should be stored in a dry location away from direct sunlight.

  2. Does my irønskinn protective dive suit have a warranty?

    irønskinn protective dive suits come with a 24 month warranty – which is subject to a fair use policy. If your suit becomes defective during the warranty period please contact our office and we will either repair your suit or replace it free of charge if it cannot be repaired.

  3. Will my irønskinn protective dive suit protect me against a shark attack?

    irønskinn protective dive suits have been tested both in the field and the laboratory to be highly resistant to penetration by shark teeth.  However, you should be aware that irønskinn protective dive suits are not guaranteed to protect you against a shark attack or other marine hazards. You should read our disclaimer in full before using an irønskinn protective dive suit.

  4. Will I still require a weight belt when I use an irønskinn protective dive suit?

    As a general rule of thumb, you will need to wear half the normal weight you would use when diving without an irønskinn protective dive suit. We recommend that the first time you use one of our suits that you adjust your buoyancy compensation in a shallow location to suit your desired level of buoyancy.

  5. How heavy is an irønskinn protective dive suit?

    An irønskinn protective dive suit weighs approximately 5 kg.

  6. Is irønskinn an Australian company?

    irønskinn is an Australian owned company headquartered in Sydney, New South Wales (NSW). We proudly manufacture our protective platelets in Western Sydney and we assemble our protective suits in both NSW and New Zealand.

  7. If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact us at: hello@ironskinn.com