Founded in 2017, irønskinn is an Australian company with offices in Sydney Australia and Auckland New Zealand.

irønskinn’s mission is to facilitate human enjoyment of the marine environment by providing greater protection to underwater divers that is both practical and effective.

irønskinn aims to achieve its mission in a manner that is non-invasive to marine animals and is eco-friendly towards the marine environment.

About John Sundnes

John Sundnes is the inventor of irønskinn.  John is responsible for the ongoing design and development of irønskinn and also the manufacturing process.

John is a father of 2 young boys, a committed ocean enthusiast and committed ocean conservationist.

Now living in New Zealand, John grew up in California where he was lucky enough to enjoy a childhood that allowed him to develop a passion for the ocean and ocean-based activities such as diving, surfing, and swimming.

Having become a father of two boys, John was eager to share his love of the ocean with his children.  It was at this point in John’s life that irønskinn was born.

About Joe Christie

Joe is a father 3 young boys and like John, is a committed ocean enthusiast and ocean conservationist.

After spending the day free diving on Sydney harbour with his 3 young sons, Joe realised that in the unlikely event of a shark attack, he was not confident that his sons were adequately protected and after a detailed search for a solution, Joe met John Sundnes the inventor of irønskinn.

Joe enjoys surfing, ocean swimming, free diving and generally being around the water.

Joe’s role at irønskinn is to work with other ocean users to ensure they are aware of irønskinn and the benefits of an irønskinn protective suit.

John Sundnes (left) and Joe Christie (right)John Sundnes (left) and Joe Christie (right)