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  • Ironskinn Shark Resistant Ocean Armør™

    Top of Page How it Works Features About Stories Pre Order Now CONTACT WORLD LEADING SHARK RESISTANT OCEAN ARMØR ™ Up BUILT TO PROTECT YOU Ultra-tough, light-weight & flexible armør for ocean enthusiasts & professionals. Developed and tested for over a decade - offering the highest levels of protection and flexibility in the world. Pre Order Now HOW IT WORKS It’s a physics paradox - comfortable materials offer little protection, protective materials offer little comfort. irønskinn’s internationally patented and patent pending assemblies combine the world's strongest, lightest and flexible materials, to create world leading levels of protection and mobility. ​ Only irønskinn’s armor assemblies have been developed over a decade and rigorously tested in the lab by a worldclass team of ocean experts. All materials have been proven to work in both the lab, and in the field, with the world's three most aggressive shark species: Great Whites, Bulls & Tigers. 01 / ULTRA TOUGH Dive Armør plates are tougher than teeth, breaking shark teeth in laboratory conditions ​ Surf Armør has been tested with multiple shark species, and has yet to be penetrated by a bite - a first in the world. 02 / LIGHTWEIGHT Our Dive Armør is approximately half standard dive weight in the water, and suits can be tailored to buoyant neutral. Our Surf Armør is so light it’s buoyant, which provides added safety in strong surf. 03 / FLEXIBLE Dive Armør is currently utilized by professional divers in strenuous work, offering complete mobility for the hardest tasks - unlike traditional chainmail Our Surf Armør is highly elastic and flexible, allowing for the highest levels of performance in all ocean sports and activities. 3-LAYER DESIGN Revolutionary combination of soft & plated armour systems to give you ultimate flexibiliy, protection & peace of mind. Surf Armør™ (Patent Pending) High strength cut/abrasion resistant Soft armor system Cut resistant base layer Best suited for recreational ocean activities Dive Armør™ (Patented) Cut resistant cover layer Alloy plates, tougher than shark teeth Cut resistant base layer Best suited for professional & commercial divers Pre Order Now Two layers of ENN level 4 cut resistant material - 15x stronger than steel by weight. Tougher than teeth™ irønskinn alloy plates have broken shark teeth in the lab. Irønskinn alloy plates reduce tooth point pressure by over 50x - a 5000% reduction. Marine grade wrist, ankle, and a double central zipper for commercial use. Additional cut/abrasion resistant material at elbows, knees and shins for long suit life. Weight of suit in water is less than half of diving weight, and can be tailored to buoyant neutral. Irønskinn dive suit is non thermal, and all temperature. Wear it alone in warm conditions, and over your thermal suit in cool conditions Over 90% of the entire garment is armored. Dive Armør® Features Click to PreOrder Now Surf Armør® Features Pant assembly is a double layer of ENN level 4 cut resistant material - 15x stronger than steel by weight, with the irønskinn Surf Armør system in between. Adjustable belt to ensure tight fit in surf conditions. Ankle zips for ease of entry. All weather and non-thermal - wear them under board shorts for summer conditions, or over your wetsuit for winter conditions. Light weight, the pants are buoyant, providing added safety for heavy surf. Highly mobile, the surf pants allow for the highest level of performance. Surf Armør has yet to be fully penetrated by a shark tooth in testing. Click to Pre-Order Now MEET IRØNSKINN OUR STORY Our team has been developing shark resistant materials and assemblies for over a decade. ​ After hundreds of prototypes and thousands of configurations, we have developed and patented garments and assemblies that fully resist puncture and cutting*, while remaining highly mobile. ​ Currently, we are partnered with the prestigious Helmrich Research Center in the USA, and continue to work with world-class shark experts. Our passion for constant development brings you the best solutions. ​ Our founders are ocean sport enthusiasts, and caring fathers. Our business foundation is simple, we love the ocean, and want to protect what we love. By protecting people from sharks, we are protecting sharks from people. OUR VISION We aim to create the most protective, and most mobile garments in the world, and we are committed to caring for the ocean environment, and for humans and sharks alike. Protect your: self, family, business, adventure... Protect your world™ with irønskinn. OUR TECHNOLOGY Top Shark Tested ™ – Only irønskinn garments and assemblies have been tested with the world's Top 3 most aggressive sharks: Great Whites, Bulls, and Tigers. ​ Tested to 0 punctures - only irønskinn garments have been able to demonstrate ZERO puncture or cutting through the assembly*. ​ Patented - Our patented and patent pending garments and assemblies are made from some of the lightest and strongest materials on earth. ​ All Weather - our garments are designed to be worn alone in warm conditions, or over a wetsuit in cooler conditions. Your irønskinn serves you year round through all seasons and temperatures. STORIES Tyronne is based in Port Lincoln South Australia and appreciates that his irønskinn suit keeps him comfortable and level on the bottom of the ocean when he is working, which improves his efficiency. Andre is one of the most in demand in water camera operators in Australia. He is often in the water with sharks while they're feeding - the irønskinn suit provides him & his support staff with some protection whilst they are working in the ocean. John lives in New Zealand and recently completed a 2km ocean swim wearing irønskinn surf armør. John likes that his ir ønskinn is buoyant, flexible, and provides greater confidence while in the open ocean. Stuart approached irønskinn after two aggressive encounters with Bull Sharks whilst working underwater in Queensland Australia. Irønskinn worked with Stuart and his team to create a custom suit. Callum is a second generation professional abalone diver in South Western Australia. His irønskinn gives him greater "peace of mind" in the ocean and has been customized to allow him to remove the sleeves. Callum Abalone Diver Stuart Commercial Diver John Surfer/Ocean Swimmer Andre Ocean Photographer Tyrone Abalone Diver GET YOUR IRØNSKINN Register your interest now and join the priority list for delivery Pre-Order Now Thanks for registering your interest! GET IN TOUCH Phone: +61 2 8004 9340 Email: ​ Address: Suite 2, Mezzanine, 50 Margaret Street Sydney NSW 2000 Australia Submit Thanks for submitting!

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