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our goal is to create the most protective, most comfortable

garments in the world.

We care for people and the ocean environment alike. 


We were started by ocean sport enthusiasts, with over 10 years of research and development.


Ironskinn was designed with material

science experts, professional divers and water sport experts.


Our products have been in use for years by some of the best divers, working in the world's most dangerous oceans.

  • Top Shark Tested - only ironskinn has tested designs with Great Whites, Tigers, and Bull sharks.

  • The only systems in the world with no puncture through panels in shark testing.

  • The only system in the world to provide full range of movement, and lighter than dive weight. With numerous patents and patents pending.

  • All Weather - our garments are designed to be worn alone in warm conditions, or over a wetsuit in cooler conditions. Your irønskinn serves you year round through all seasons and temperatures.


Tyronne Craig wearing ironskinn

Tyronne is based in Port Lincoln South Australia and appreciates that his irønskinn suit keeps him comfortable and level on the bottom of the ocean when he is working, which improves his efficiency.

Andre wearing ironskinn

Andre is one of the most in demand in water camera operators in Australia. He is often in the water with sharks while they're feeding - the irønskinn suit provides him & his support staff with some protection whilst they are working in the ocean.

John Sundnes wearing ironskinn

John lives in New Zealand and recently completed a 2km ocean swim wearing irønskinn surf armør. John likes that his irønskinn is buoyant, flexible, and provides greater confidence while in the open ocean.

Stuart Ballantyne, Subsea Australia wearing ironskinn

Stuart approached irønskinn after two 
aggressive encounters with Bull Sharks whilst working underwater in Queensland Australia.

Irønskinn worked with Stuart and his team to create a custom suit.

Callum wearing ironskinn

Callum is a second generation professional abalone diver in South Western Australia. His irønskinn gives him greater "peace of mind" in the ocean and has been customized to allow him to remove the sleeves.

Abalone Diver

Commercial Diver

Surfer/Ocean Swimmer

Ocean Photographer

Abalone Diver

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