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  • Will you release a full suit?
    Yes, irønskinn is developing a full suit for surfing, diving, and swimming. Our soft armor products can be adjusted for almost neutral buoyancy (for diving) or positive buoyancy (for surface sports).
  • What is your return policy?
    Irønskinn products are fully returnable within 60 days of purchase for any reason (except blatant damage or abuse). Our purpose is your protection, as well as your satisfaction. We’ll even pay return shipping.
  • What about the pressure/crushing force of a bite? Can irønskinn prevent injury from that?
    Irønskinn is designed to reduce or eliminate cutting and puncture from a shark bite, which is overwhelmingly the most damaging element (and cause of fatalities). It is the cutting and puncture that results in severe hemorrhaging, tissue loss, vascular damage, muscular damage, ligament damage and nerve damage. Even light attacks from smaller sharks can cause permanent damage to nerves and ligaments, which irønskinn products can reduce or eliminate. Irønskinn cannot eliminate the total pressure from a bite. But irønskinn products do spread the pressure over a greater surface area (over 500% greater surface area than the pointed teeth) which can reduce pressure induced injuries. Additionally, irønskinn commercial dive armor features specialized hardened alloy plates, which are harder than shark teeth. Under extreme pressure the teeth will break against the plates. As sharks’ teeth are full of nerves, this can help deter a bite from reaching maximum pressure or duration.
  • Does my irønskinn product have a warranty?
    irønskinn products come with a 12-month warranty – which is subject to a fair use policy. If your suit becomes defective during the warranty period, please contact our office and we will either repair your suit or replace it free of charge if it cannot be repaired. If your suit is damaged from use, our office can generally repair or replace elements without having to replace the entire suit.
  • My garment is damaged from use, is it repairable?
    Irønskinn products are made from some of the strongest materials on earth, and almost always repairable. Best is to send us a photo of the issue and we can usually advise of the cost and timing of the repair in advance.
  • Why a surf pant?
    Shark attacks are most frequent to the lower body, over 70% of attacks according to the global shark attack file. The surf pant is designed to provide armor to the body area that requires it most.
  • What is the difference between Irønskinn Surf Armor/Shark Resistant and irønskinn Reef Guard™?
    Surf armor is shark resistant – Reef Guard is NOT shark resistant. Shark Resistant products have been tested with shark bites and are highly resistant to puncture and cutting from the teeth. In testing with great whites and bull sharks, teeth have not penetrated through irønskinn armor panels. These armor panels have thickness and weight to provide the protection , about 2.8kg for a pant, and 5mm in thickness. Irønskinn Reef Guard™ products are highly resistant to cutting and abrasion – but are NOT resistant to puncture from shark teeth. Reef Guard products are thin and light, about the same weight and thickness of a traditional rash guard – only Reef guard products are ENN Level 4 cut resistant. They offer outstanding protection from cuts and scrapes, from reefs, barnacles, foil edges, etc. We also offer Reef Guard™ in full suits, worn over your favorite thermal suits to protect it and you from cutting and puncture.
  • Is irønskinn an Australian or New Zealand company?
    irønskinn is both a New Zealand and an Australian Company. The commercial dive suits have been sold by the Australian company, whereas all research, development, prototyping has been in New Zealand. Additionally, manufacture of soft armor garments is in New Zealand.
  • How do I look after my irønskinn?
    Your irønskinn product should be rinsed in fresh water after each use and dried and stored away from direct sunlight. Do not machine wash or dry.
  • What is irønskinn Reef Guard™?
    Thin and light similar to a typical rash guard, Reef Guard products are cut and abrasion resistant (ENN 388 Level 4 cut resistant). This can reduce or eliminate cutting and abrasion from reefs, barnacles, foil edges, etc. These can be worn alone/with swim suits in warm water, over wetsuits in cool water, and over full diving thermal suits to protect them from cutting/abrasion. Reef Guard products are NOT shark bite resistant.
  • Can irønskinn be worn with an electronic shark deterrent device(s)?
    Yes. Irønskinn commercial dive suits utilize alloy plates enclosed between two layers of cut resistant material. No alloy plates are exposed to the body, and no alloy plates are exposed outwardly. Irønskinn soft armor products are completely non-conducting, which means they will better insulate the wearer from an accidental shock.
  • Will irønskinn commercial dive suits or surf armor garments protect me against a shark attack?
    irønskinn materials have been tested both in the field and the laboratory and proven to be highly resistant to penetration and cutting from great whites and bull sharks in testing. However, Sharks are wild animals and vary in size and aggression of attack. Irønskinn is not designed or intended for deliberate shark interaction. It is designed to provide robust protection in the event of an unwarranted shark attack. If you see a shark, you are advised to leave the water. User assumes all risk from water activities.
  • Are irønskinn products considered personal protective equipment?
    Yes, irønskinn products have been used by commercial and professional divers to reduce risk from injury from an unexpected shark attack, as well as cuts/punctures from other marine hazards. Irønskinn products can improve focus for divers to the task at hand, reducing anxiety in murky or sharky water, thereby reducing heart rates and oxygen consumption. For professional and commercial use, irønskinn can increase productivity, reduce risk, and provide more longevity for thermal suits since irønskinn is worn over them.
  • Are irønskinn soft armor products suited for free diving and spearing?
    Irønskinn soft armor products are suitable for free diving and spearing, but as they are armor, including armor assemblies 5mm thick, there is additional weight and girth to the product which will reduce maximum dive ranges. It’s important to note this is armor, and has been tested to handle very challenging physics from a shark bite. No irønskinn products are recommended competition level ocean activities. Using irønskinn products will take some adjustments. Feel free to contact us for specific questions, and we can recommend the right product to fit your sport and level of activity.
  • Is the plated dive armor suited for free diving and spearing?
    Although irønskinn dive armor is light enough for free diving, it is not ideal for this use, as the product creates drag when finning, reducing the range of free diving. Irønskinn commercial dive armor is better suited for aspirated diving, scuba or surface line applied, with slower deliberate movements.
  • How heavy is a plated irønskinn dive suit?
    A plated irønskinn dive suit weighs approximately 8kg out of the water, and 4kg in the water due to displacement.
  • Will I still require a weight belt when I use an irønskinn dive suit?
    Yes, as the suit loses half or more of its weight in water due to displacement. We recommend that the first time you use one of our suits that you adjust your buoyancy compensation in a shallow location, or holding a dive ladder, to adjust for your desired level of buoyancy.
  • Will irønskinn foil armor protect me from a shark attack?
    Irønskinn foil armor is NOT designed or tested for shark-bite resistance. Foil armor is only designed for resistance to cutting from contact with a foil edge. User assumes all risk from foiling or other water activities.
If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact us at:
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