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Ironskinn Surf Pants Armor Black Shark bite resistant
Surf Armør® Features
Ironskinn Surf Armor Shark Bite Proof Material
  • Tested with Great Whites & Bull Sharks

  • Multiple layers (only 5mm thick) of material
    15x stronger
     than steel by weight

  • Soft & pliable, allowing full range of movement

  • Options for nuetral or positive buoyancy

  • Will also protect against reefs & foil injuries

  • Over 70% of all attacks are below the waist (Global Shark Attack File)

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Ironskinn Divesuit black
Ironskinn Dive Armor Shark Bite Proof Material
  • Best for aspirated diving (scuba/surface line)

  • Tested with Great Whites, Tigers, & Bull Sharks

  • Over 1000 alloy plates, stronger than shark teeth

  • Cut/abrasion resistant outer cover, protects thermal suits from damage

  • Improves confidence, focus and productivity

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Dive Armør
® Features
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