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Surf Armør® Features

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  • Pant assembly is a double layer of ENN level 4 cut resistant material - 15x stronger than steel by weight, with the irønskinn Surf Armør system in between.

  • Adjustable belt to ensure tight fit in surf conditions.

  • Ankle zips for ease of entry.

  • All weather and non-thermal - wear them under board shorts for summer conditions, or over your wetsuit for winter conditions.

  • Light weight, the pants are buoyant, providing added safety for heavy surf.

  • Highly mobile, the surf pants allow for the highest level of performance.

  • Surf Armør has yet to be fully penetrated by a shark tooth in testing.

  • Two layers of ENN level 4 cut resistant material - 15x stronger than steel by weight.

  • Tougher than teeth™ irønskinn alloy plates have broken shark teeth in the lab.

  • Irønskinn alloy plates reduce tooth point pressure by over 50x - a 5000% reduction.

  • Marine grade wrist, ankle, and a double central zipper for commercial use.

  • Additional cut/abrasion resistant material at elbows, knees and shins for long suit life.

  • Weight of suit in water is less than half of diving weight, and can be tailored to buoyant neutral.

  • Non-insulating, suitable for warm water or used over thermal suits in cool conditions.

  • Over 90% of the entire garment is armored.

Dive Armør® Features

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