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irønskinn SR series pant is fully armored from waist to the ankles, including the front and back of knees.   The SR pant is suitable for longboarding, body boarding, swimming, spear fishing, free diving, etc.   It is not reccomended for aggresive short board surfing.  


irønskinn SR garments are the worlds only shark bite resistant garments, tested to no performation from shark bites from multiple shark species.


  • Protection level - Top Shark tested level 2, tested with Great Whites and Bull sharks, with no perforation through panels in testing *
  • Very good mobility - elastic and form fitting, suitable for most ocean activities, but not recomended for short board surfing.
  • Weight approximately 3 kg out of the water
  • Buoyant in water
  • Sun blocking UPF 50+
  • Thickness approximately 5 mm
  • Non-thermal, suitable for warm conditions or over a wetsuit in cool conditions.
  • patents pending


*irønskinn SR series garments are designed to provide robust protection for an unprovoked shark attak.   They are not designed nor intended for deliberate interaction with sharks.   Sharks are wild animals and vary in size and aggression.   ironskinn cannot guarantee no injury in the envent of an attack.   User accepts all risk from ocean activities.  

SR Pant | Shark-bite Resistant (USD)

$1,250.00 Regular Price
$999.00Sale Price
  • Ironskinn surf armor pants are not intended for deliberate shark interactions, shark feeding, shark tourism, etc. Sharks are wild animals and vary in size and aggression.

    Ironskinn cannot guarantee your safety in all circumstances involving sharks, and if sharks are spotted Ironskinn recommends leaving the water. User assumes all risks from engaging in ocean activities.

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